February 25, 2018

Confronting the proxies or "stalkers"

Confronting the stalkers is a pointless action for the victim of the environmental, psychological torture misnamed gang stalking.

Although it is a spontaneous reactive behavior under the unceasing overstimulation, it is useless because it involves the limited set of predetermined instructions leading the proxies' performance.

The only way to deal with the proxies to spot the habitat's artificiality in their actions is the improvisation of unexpected behaviors to which they are unprepared.

Without instructions, the plausibility of proxies' simulation may degrade into the behavioral absurdity.

In these cases, their actions following up an unexpected behavior from the victim may appear unnaturally and unrealistically robotic.

Sometimes, their behavioral inconsistency may even reach the business insanity, like in the cases of the laughing seller repulsing a new client just for the imposed instructional adherence to the gaslighting grand strategy of this torture program.

In general, laughing or ignoring is the standard responses of the proxies when confronted explicitly on the torture program, which are the typical acts of the emotional invalidation in a dysfunctional family.

At the end of these indirect demonstrations, the victim only has defended his psychological balance grounded in reality at the price of irritating the directing perpetrator for the temporary lack of situational control.

It has to be said that continually or frequently confronting the proxies properly or less resolves under a different type of control of the victim anyway deprived of normal social interactions.