September 08, 2017

The limited tactical psychological countermeasures

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The attack's principle of this environmental manipulation by proxies is the overstimulation of the brain's target.

To maximize the efficacy, the attackers meticulously pre-plans the execution by profiling the victim entirely and acquiring every useful piece of information in his present and past life.

During the study phase, they surround the target covertly.
Further, by this anonymous approach, they indirectly manipulate him by simulated social encounters and relationship.

After such long-term preparation, the final personal dossier is complete and inclusive of complete information about the family, the relationships and the social and professonal network.

In particular, every weakness, phobia, worry, fear, desire, need, preference, and the manipulative effect is leveraged to gain psychological power over the victim.

The psychological assault starts as a surprise attack at the time in which the participants of the prepared artificial habitat apply the torture protocol.

By continually providing more stressors than the individual neurophysiological tolerance to the stress, the impact is devastating, leaving no defense to the victim.

The tactical psychological countermeasures to this sophisticated torture protocol are limited by the attack's strength and the weakness of the human nature.

The following resilient points represent not a solution but a relief.

As to the individual neurobiology, the habituation to the sensory-cognitive bombardment may happen only by developing neuroplasticity in the following months.
Therefore gain time and the belief that the neuroplasticity is your friend.

As to the visual overstimulation, by looking down, while walking, you can orient the center of the visual field to widely subtract the most valuable space to the hostile, manipulative actions.
Therefore working focused on your smartphone or tablet, while walking, is your double productivity.

As to the auditory overstimulation, by using a pair of earplugs with high noise reduction, you can completely neutralize the acoustic attack.
Therefore living in a silenced habitat is your new world.

As to the cognitive manipulation, you are the victim of a sophisticated neuropsychological torture that is counterintuitive, experiencing a phenomenon hard to understand, so your first cognitive appraisal of the situation is consequently mistaken.
Therefore you learn the unknown like a scientist: be ready to progressively self-correct yourself.

As to the emotional manipulation, the attack undermines your emotions self-regulation. [...] CBT, DBT, ACT psychotherapies offer useful techniques, as well the neuroscience behind the resilience of Navy SEALS known as the "big four."
As you can learn by the former SEAL Rutherford on YouTube, the resilient line to "crack a joke" when in bad lifetimes is essential.
There are plenty resources online for that; they will help you to appraise and face better your situation.
Furthermore, you can experience the hostile situation like an irregular exposure therapy as the exit strategy towards a post traumatic growth rather than a stress disorder.
Therefore the Marie Curie belief that nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood is your mantra.

As to the discomforting repetition of stimuli, in the highly artificial habitat, your mind cannot naturally find the balancing distractions to acquire the natural stimuli variation necessary to its health functioning, but you can help that.
By often traveling in new places, cities or countries and by living new experiences, you can interfere with the attack's efficacy.
Therefore traveling and exploring are the twin friends of your mind.
By living in places where the logistics are impractical to convey this environmental manipulation by proxies, you can partially under-stimulate the previous sensory-cognitive overload.
Therefore the Sun-Tzu lesson about the competitive advantages of the battlefield is your strategy to find living places.

As to the threat conditioning, the Pavlov conditioning associates the repetitive sensory stimuli to the fear, but you have not a limited canine brain. You can control that process of associative learning by a substitutive counterconditioning that pairs a self-generated irony to the threatening stimuli favoring the fear extinction.
Therefore making fun of the flowing repetitions of stalkers is your psychological power: "they are Groot" is your first joke when you have none, like in that movie.

The final warning: the professional cruel practice couples this psychological torture with the complementary physical one, the applied bioelectromagnetism.