January 07, 2018

Gang stalking zero investigations

The disinformation campaign about the gang stalking phenomenon is built upon the production of almost the totality of the YouTube videos and the consequent divulgence of the propagandistic content.

A giant castle of falsified cards of which one of the pillars is the pretense of the lack of evidence in the videos uploaded by the fake or manipulated victims.

The obvious impossibility to record on video the psychological effects of the environmental manipulation by proxies, necessarily designed to be elusive since a crime against citizens, becomes the pretext for a false accusation.

After the threat conditioning, neutral information acquires the valence of affective information with the meaning of intimidation for the conditioned victims, while it remains emotionally meaningless for bystanders and audience not conditioned.

The negation of this technical truth demonstrates the defaming intent against the victims to control the public opinion and impede the knowledge about the horrible fact: the torture of citizens deprived of human rights and legal defenses.

Rather, the insistent exploitation of the falsehood of the lack of video evidence denotes the absolute absence of any investigation, as if the burden of the investigative proof competed to the victims of crimes.

Zero investigations about the gang stalking because there is neither a gang nor the stalking but a sophisticated torture protocol designed and performed by the intelligence agencies in their genuine and covert nature of agencies for the secret control of private interests.