The blog reveals, presents, and reports the protocol of torture applied against citizens to storm and degrade their life and health stealthily.

The entire protocol is a complicated expression of intelligence agencies and military entities' expertise, therefore it constitutes classified information¹.
As such the systematic online disinformation² obstructs the public comprehension and knowledge and the blog's author is under persecution³.

Accordingly, as the matter of this analysis, its presentation requires a gradual introduction, the reverse engineering, theoretical prudence, and continuous refinement.

The elaborate protocol is designed to upgrade the sensory overload torture technique, already described in declassified documents of '60, with the discoveries' application in the field of the cognitive psychology of '80 in a state-of-the-art procedure integrating principles of behavioral and evolutionary psychology.

The outcome is a powerful psychological torture in the short term.
Its impact is overwhelming: the victims are utterly defenseless because the stress overload goes beyond their neurobiological adaptability.

The complementary physical torture relies on weaponized technologies inducing bio-electromagnetic effects to induce pseudo-natural diseases in the victim by multiple applications over an extended period.

The plan's implementation is modular in its components and formally escalating in its hostility. Its execution may or might terminate with the first annihilation of the victim's resistance, or proceed until his successive surrender and passive acceptation of the progressively increased punishments, or culminate with his future dead by a pseudo-natural lethal disease.
Anyway, as the manifestation of sadistic psychopathic abuse, there are neither legal certainty nor sure safety for the victim who ultimately is at the mercy of the instigator's will, his loss of contact with reality, his psychological disturbance, and his utterly superior forces.

The torture's effects are neuropsychologically overwhelming in the short-term and progressively corrosive of the victim's health in the long-term.

The protocol can integrate conventional torture techniques like mock tactics, false accusations, sleep and sexuality deprivation, isolation, humiliations, sexual abuses, and all the others in the vast arsenal of intelligence agencies and military entities.

From this viewpoint, this abusive protocol is an elaborate set of cruel, inhumane and degrading treatments and torture techniques.
The constant reliance on the neuropsychological torture prevails in the nomenclatural classification as torture.

The program aims to intimidate to silence and sexual abuse the victims, to coerce them into certain actions and to dominate their life.

The power of intimidation and control is immense and expression of the totalitarianism of an ancient and secret world order⁴ ruled by a sexual sadistic psychopathic leadership.

Consequently,  most victims, simple citizens as well internationally famous people, comply immediately with the requests passively, obediently, and silently, constrained by the extraordinary subjugation.

The description of this protocol projected to be elusive continues with

the psychological torture

and the complementary physical torture


¹ The sensory overload torture technique is part of declassified document; nearly certainly, its upgraded version is supposed to be classified information.


³ Health status involution:

⁴ The opposite concept of the mainstreamed new world order: there are only new masqueraded morphologies of the old one.